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Orange & Peppermint Soap

Orange & Peppermint Soap

Our orange and peppermint soap is made of saponified oils of olive, almond, coconut, castor with organic shea and organic cocoa butter with added poppy seeds for natural exfoliation. Scented with essential oils of sweet orange and peppermint.


This bar is very invigorating and makes for a great 'wake me up' in the morning!


Perfect for a gift or personal use and proudly palm oil FREE.


And now available in a wee sample/travel size 10g bar. Great to pop in your luggage for a weekend away!


***The peppermint essential oil we use is sourced from U.S.A and Northern India. Both these countries have similar climates with lots of consistant rainfall which contributes to the high menthol content of the oil. In northern India, we are supporting small scale farmers.


***The wild orange essential oil we have choosen to use in this soap comes from Brazil. There are many small scale farmers who grow oranges in the south of Brazil due to the perfect conditions for growing citrus. The fruit is used for juice so it is the rind that is used to create the essential oil, supporting these farmers with litte waste from their orchards.


I am so excited to share that I now use 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in my soaps! These new oils are ethically sourced through co-impact sourcing, protecting the environment and farmers from all over the world. Through purchasing these oils I am supporting developing communities to have access to basic needs such as fresh water and schooling and a sustainable income to support their whanau.

This is something that is really important to me and has taken a while to adjust to the different quantities needed but I am so proud that we have successfully made the switch! It is amazing how much the smell has changed too, especially with the lavender and tea tree options.


So when you support us in choosing our soap bars, you are also supporting these farmers around the world.


Price is for 1x approx 80gram bar.


Note: All bars are crafted and cut by hand so differ slightly from one another.

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