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Our native kawakawa growing on the banks of my families land.

The Milly behind the Magic

Our Story...

Kia Ora,

My name is Rebecca and I am a Mum to four beautiful girls, a wife, an early childhood teacher and the founder of Milly’s Magic.

As a child I suffered from severe eczema and relied heavily on steroids and copious amounts of fatty cream to try and control it. I tried every diet under the sun. I was always exploring new creams, potions and pills and found it a constant battle, especially in my teenage years, waking up most days afraid to look in the mirror.

When my first born showed signs she had inherited this horrid gene from me at just three months of age, I was determined to find an alternative path for her. A more holistic, natural management plan to help heal her skin.

Hearing about our native kawakawa and its incredible healing properties which have been used for centuries started this journey of discovery and learning for me.  After exploring and researching the properties and benefits of a variety of oils, I came to discover a blend of plants, oils and butters which when blended with our native kawakawa, resulted in the creation of our first product, Hemp Healing Balm.

This was all I used on my little girls’ skin originally – lathering it over her little body regularly throughout the day. The balm is very thick so creates a great barrier over the skin and helps to stop outside irritants getting in. This became our treatment cream for everything in our household, not just for Milly’s eczema, but for cuts, scratches, itchy bites, lip balm, nappy rash etc.

Eczema skin is often dry and flaky and from my personal experiences, keeping the skin hydrated is key to reducing further flare ups.  As Milly-Rose grew, it became more difficult to spread the thick balm all over her body, so I wanted to find an easier but just as natural option. Hence the creation of our next product, Kawakawa Soother. Our soother has no water, therefore no alcohol or preservatives were needed. It is simply just a blend of organic shea butter and organic oils creating a very buttery rich cream. This is now our daily moisturiser and all we use when her eczema is under control.

In simple terms, the hemp healing balm is our ‘treatment’ cream and the kawakawa soother is our ‘moisturiser’.

The combination of these products have been our saving grace.

I believe managing eczema takes a holistic approach. Knowing exactly what I am putting on her skin has made a HUGE difference but we’ve also had to make changes to her diet as I am a strong believer in ‘we are what we eat.’ I have no medical qualifications and make no claims about healing eczema. I am just a concerned Mum who has learnt from my own personal experiences, pain and growth and I believe there is so much to gain from using the goodness that our earth provides for us. I want my children to be empowered to embrace, respect and cherish our natural environment too and all the beneficial healing it can offer us.

An eczema journey is never ending, always changing and sometimes feels impossible to cope with. Everyone’s experiences are different and what works for some, is no good for others. Trial and error is exhausting but worth it when you find that product that works for you and your whanau.

From my family to yours,


Rebecca x

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