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I cannot recommend the Hemp healing balm enough!!

Weve been using it for about a year now on our 3 year old son who suffers from Ezcema. A combination of changing his diet and finding this AMAZING natural product our sons skin has never looked better!
He refers to it as his "Special cream" 💚

It's so amazing to find a natural product that has made the world of difference to a little boy that used to be in absolute agony, itching all the time, sleepless night's and having a number of scars and scratches covering his entire body.
His skin is now clear, hydrated and scar free, thanks to the Healing balm 💚

We also use the balm on itchy bites, instantly stopping that horrible itch.

  • Letesha (July 2019)

We brought the hemp healing balm - worked wonders for my baby’s teething rash and nappy rash. Love, love, love it! So reasonably priced too! Support local businesses guys ❤️

  • Samadhi (August 2019)

The balm is amazing! My 4 month old had really bad dribble rash. It was red and raw for weeks. I couldn’t get it to dry up and heal. I have been using the balm since Sunday and it has already scabbed over and isn’t looking anywhere near as red and nasty. I wish I had taken before pics

  • Alysha (August 2019)

This balm is great for my daughter's eczema and dry itchy skin it soaked right in and left no oily residue, I also found it just as great for healing a small tattoo super quick that I recently got, and it smells Devine! I will definitely be purchasing more when I run out!

  • Jordana (April 2019)

Love the hemp healing balm. The only product that keeps my dermatitis at bay, and I tried EVERYTHING! Excellent natural product, excellent customer service. Love your work

  • Jacqui (January 2019)

My used to be aggressive Hand & Finger Dermatisis is now controlled by the calming Eco Store Coconut Soap and Milly's Magic Kawakawa Soother. It still flares up, but doesn't get to the point of splitting and bleeding. So happy! + it smells good so that's always a great bonus

  • Coralee (July 2018)

The healing balm is amazing!! It fixed my sun and wind burnt lips pretty much instantly. I'll definitely be back for more.

  • Steph (Ocgtober 2019)

Milly’s Magic is definitely MAGIC! Cleared up my daughter’s dry spots after two applications and healed her nappy rash over night. It’s unreal how quickly it worked it’s magic. Rebecca is also so lovely to work with - extra quick to respond and gives amazing advice. Over all very happy and could not recommend Milly’s Magic enough 😍

  • Nicola (October 2019)

This balm is incredible! My daughter gets eczema with the change of weather and has cleared it up within days of using this, it’s not just good for eczema I use it for everything skin related even itchy bites and it helps heal it so quickly!!! If anyone has skin problems I fully recommend using this beautiful lady’s product

  • Allanah (April 2018)

We love the hemp balm. We use it on eczema, cracked lips, cuts, scrapes and even acne. When my son had chicken box it helped soothe the itchiness and helped the scabs heal without scaring. Could not recommend this product more!

  • Helena (October 2019)

I cannot recommend anything better than this product. I have had a never ending battle with my sons eczema and I have finally found something that puts my son at ease. It has been two days where he hasn’t woken up crying scratching and very itchy. His eczema has dramatically cleared up wiggins 72 hours of starting the balm and lotion. I will 100% be back and I never want to be run out!!

Courtney (June 2018)

My husband finds it excellent for his leg rash

  • Gwenda (September 2019)

I have always suffered dry cracked hands while pregnant. Terrible splitting and rough velcro hands. I am just in love with Millys Magic balms it was instant relief and improvement. I'm definately a new fan!

  • Bindz (July 2018)

Amazing soaps, they smell so good & are luxurious...I use them for myself & my 22 month old...she loves the soap & washing herself in the bath with it! Highly recommend & look forward to trying the balm soon!

  • Lorretta (June 2019)

This is amazing. Very happy with both the healing and soothing creams Thanku

Heather (July 2018)

This is the only thing that clears up my 8 month olds facial eczema. Every time we put anything else on it, it flares up, but with Milly's Magic we see it starting to clear by the next day. Only thing we will use now! Love it!

  • Sylvia (September 2019)

Awesome! My daughter has bad dermatitis on her hands. Tried many creams, steriods just fed it. Sad seeing her wear jerseys in summer to cover her hands with the sleeves, overnight a lot of redness gone down and itching has stop. Been using the healing balm morning and night and the soothing cream throughout the day. Day three and she's loving it! Highly recommend!!

My just turned 2 year old gets patches of eczema over his body and in particular a dribble rash. We had tried many things and nothing seemed to clear it, so we gave both the soother and the balm a go, and have been amazed, it's so nice on his skin and really helps with clearing it! Bonus is that it's nice and thick so he helps put it on his tummy too which he loves! Highly recommend this!!

  • Carissa (August 2018)

We used the balm for only a couple of days on our daughters eczema and we already see results.

  • Friederike (December 2019)

The soother is amazing! My daughters rash on her face disappeared within three days. It’s called magic for a reason! Thanks for the gorgeous products and fabukous service Rebecca. I must try your soaps next.

  • -          Toulla (May 2020)

Highly recommend Milly’s Magic. I received my beautiful package of two gift boxes and wowo I’m very impressed! My dear friend absolutely loved hers and just to give to my Mum for a late mothers day present. Beautiful balm and soother plus soaps wow they smell so delicious! Milly’s Magic is truly Magic organic ingredients makes there products even more amazing!

  • -          Tynan (May 2020)

Good morning, I just wanted to say I am so impressed with the products I received from you, the hemp balm and sample unscented soaps. My daughter suffers from eczema and she used one of the soaps last night and loved it. My son suffers from dermatitis on his hands which has been really bad with having to wash them so often and I’m yet to find  a soap to help. I used the balms on his hands last night and there has been a huge improvement. So thank you, finally something that works!

  • -          Amber (May 2020)

My hands are great after using your cream especially after using so much sanitizer! Thanks!

  • -          Raewyn (May 2020)

Have been trialing the balm on dry skin patches, sun spots, bites etc. Love it x

  • -          Vickie (April 2020)

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