Waste free soap bars

Waste free soap bars

Perfect for a gift or personal use and proudly palm oil FREE.


There are four different recipes used with different essential oils to create more variety.


No fragrances, no nasties and no palm oil! Soaps are scented with essential oils only and coloured with clay.


Soap options:

  • Kawakawa and honey UNSCENTED,
  • Kawakawa and honey LAVENDER,
  • Kawakawa and honey TEA TREE,

(Ingredients: saponified oils of kawakawa infused olive, almond and coconut with organic shea butter)

Note: The unscented option has Brazilian rose and kaolin clay, the lavender has Brazilian purple clay and kaolin clay and the tea tree one has Brazilian green clay and kaolin clay.


***Tea tree is native to Australia and is a powerfully cleansing essential oil with a fresh, slightly herbaceous aroma***


  • Coconut milk and oats UNSCENTED,
  • Coconut milk and oats LAVENDER.

(Ingredients: saponified oils of olive, almond, coconut, organic jojoba and organic shea butter with coconut milk and ground oats).


  • Orange and peppermint,
  • Lemongrass,

(Ingredients: saponified oils of olive, almond, organic coconut with organic shea and organic cocoa butter and poppy seeds) .


***Lemongrass essential oil is grown and harvested by farmers in Southern India. It is purifying and toning and is often found in skincare for these benefits***


  • Hemp oil, UNSCENTED

(Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, organic hemp, olive and organic shea butte with vitamin E and Brazilian green, rose and kaolin clay).


Price is for 1x approx 80gram bar.

Note: All bars are crafted and cut by hand so differ slightly from one another.


I am trialling therapeutic grade essential oils in my soaps in the hope to make a 100% switch in the near future. These new oils are ethically sourced through co-impact sourcing, protecting the environment and farmers from all over the world. Through purchasing these oils I am supporting developing communities to have access to basic needs such as fresh water and schooling and a sustainable income to support their whanau.

This is something that is really important to me so please bear with me whilst I explore the correct ratios of the therapeutic oils in my soaps to make this a success.


I will keep you all updated with which soaps contain these oils and where each oil is sourced as I continue this journey.


So far:

Charcoal, calendula, lemongrass and tea tree are the only soaps but this list will soon grow!